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SEO Marketing Should Always be Work In Progress

Your website and SEO should always be a ‘work in progress’.

SEO Marketing should always be 'work in progress'. As the Google search engines continue to evolve, sometimes on a daily basis (!) then ‘SEO Marketing’ needs to be regularly revisited and tweaked.

Our experience at Digital House has taught us that when we proactively manage our customers online marketing it contributes heavily to their business growth!

But you CAN do this YOURSELF, you just need to have a plan and understand what Google is looking for. Too many business owners think of their website as a finished project, when in fact it’s just the starting block!

Your website can and should be regularly updated by, not only, changing and adding relevant content, but also tweaking the meta-data (that’s your SEO coding).

You should be working on adding content, writing blogs, adding to news sections and even creating hyper-links within your web pages.
This is important because clients, visitors and search engines are attracted by active sites. For example, if Google sees that content is being updated, it will visit a site more often, revising listings is likely to improve both Google and page rankings.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not a one-time event but is always ‘work in progress’. This is because the market, competitors and search engines such as Google are always undergoing change and, as business owners, we need to keep up with them!

Google is measuring!

Google is currently measuring how many visitors you are getting in comparison to your competitors, how long each visitor is staying on your website, what search terms are guiding your visitor traffic to you and even measuring how many links (even from social media) are coming in to you!

While results may take 2-4 months to be evident, if SEO Marketing is conducted regularly and effectively (‘work in progress’) your company can consistently rank at the top of search results.

Can you afford not to invest?

SEO Marketing is just as much of an investment as any other type of marketing but it’s important to set realistic expectations and develop an SEO Plan and Marketing strategy and follow it through.

We are currently working with customers on the Growth Accelerator Scheme with prices starting at £600 + VAT we will work with you to create a sturdy SEO Marketing plan and structure. We’ll also continue to work with over the coming months, not only hand-holding and guiding you but teaching you hands-on how to do this yourself.
You can see more about our SEO packages and what we can do to help your website get found when people are searching for you by viewing our SEO page here.

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