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Spring clean for your social media with three simple tips

Spring has arrived and it’s time to give your social media a bit of a spring clean. Following our three simple tips you can make sure your social media is relevant, engaging and working in a way that can boost your online presence.

Tip One: Make sure your branding is consistent

Have you made any changes to your brand image in the last few months? Being recognisable to your target audience is extremely important and social media platforms are quickly becoming a big part of brand identity. Make sure you update your profiles to match any design changes you may have made to keep your brand recognisable and consistent. It’s easy to have brand consistency across your sites whether it’s through the same profile photo, colour scheme or biography. Also, making sure you have a consistent handle for each site is a good step.

Tip Two: Update your contact details

This seems like a very obvious tip but it’s one that’s easy to get caught out on. Take a look at all the contact details on your sites and make sure they are all up to date, particularly your email and telephone details. You don’t want to lose potential clients simply because you’ve mistyped your email address! Having a visible email just isn’t enough in today’s digital age, make sure you have links to your social media profiles visible too as it allows easy interpersonal communication between you and your customers and modernises your business.

Tip Three: Update your security.

Have you had any employees leave recently? It’s a good idea to make sure you update your passcodes for your social media sites to be sure only current employees have access. After all, your social media is part of your brand image so it’s key that the passcodes are only accessible to your current employees who understand the latest changes to the brand. Overall, it’s simply a good habit to change your passcodes regularly to keep all your sites as secure as possible.

If you have any questions about social media for your business or need guidance on how you can use social media improve your customer relationships, Contact us today or come to one of our upcoming free workshops to see how we can help you!

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