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Fours ways Google Analytics can improve your website’s performance

Google Analytics is a great tool that can really help you improve the performance of your website. Whilst at first it may seem daunting and confusing, this post will break down the most important four aspects of Google Analytics and will help you understand how you can use it to your business’s advantage!

Segmenting Your Data

Segmenting your data on Google analytics breaks it down into categories and makes it easier to decipher. You can make your reports target specific data that your interested in and filter out any data that not applicable or is no interest to you. Doing this makes your data much clearer and categorises it in a way that’s easier to understand. This is a useful tool when you want to look at the traffic to your site. For example, you can filter the different types of traffic coming to your site by segmenting paid search, organic traffic or referral traffic. Each of these categories will tell you how a user landed on your site and will give you an idea of how well your paid search is working.  Organic search will show how much traffic has come through thanks to the SEO you have implemented to your site. Keeping tabs on each type of traffic can then help you decide on which improvements need to be made to your site and track how previous improvements have succeeded.

Analysing User Flow

User flow is a really great tool to map a customer’s journey through your site. You can see what pages they decided to view and which they decided to ignore and this will give you an indication of how your site attracts certain users. Looking at what page the customer dropped off on is a good indication of which pages on your site need improving to become more engaging for a customer which will help you when it comes to analysing how well your web design is working.  

Making Custom Reports

A custom report is a way of segmenting your data on a much larger scale. It helps you tailor very specifically on a large scale, focusing on different aspects at once through changing the dimensions and metrics of want you want to search. This for example means you can tailor a traffic report that allows you to see exactly what you want. This could be looking what referral traffic is spam, looking at which search engines your traffic is from or even how users of a certain age or from certain countries use your site.  

Take the example of someone who wants to track their organic traffic. The dimensions and metrics within this specific example would make the Dimension the source of a search in the medium of organic searches. You can then change the metric to what data it is you want to look at and in this case it could be using the metric of sessions, average time on page, bounces and goal completion.


Utilising Conversion Traffic

There are a lot of different conversion goals you can setup such as people filling out a form, buying a product, spending certian time on a page, etc. 

Conversion tracking is great for the sites that allow customers to complete an online form. The tool can show you how many people have successfully filled out a form and that source they came from. This therefore lets you know if the site is successful in its purpose and also which of your SEO, Facebook or other digital marketing campaigns have been more successful depending on where the completed customers have been sourced. You can tailor the conversion traffic to suit your business and what counts as a ‘conversion’ can differ depending on the site and service provided, making it a great tool for everyone.


Overall, whilst Google Analytics can be a very dense tool to understanding these four categories is a great way to start. This information is available to you as a website owner so you should implement it in a way that can help your website in a way you understand. You should always be building and developing your site and Google Analytics is a great way of making sure which updates are working and which are not; saving you time and money!

If you have any questions about Google Analytics and how it can work for your business contact us today! Alternatively, come to one of our upcoming free workshops to see how we can help you!  

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