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Three Reasons why having a mobile responsive website is important in 2016

We have reached a new digital age with the number of mobile devices and tablets constantly on the rise. In fact, this rise has led to a number of businesses adapting their sites to be mobile responsive. Therefore, to keep your site competitive it has never been more important to make sure that your website is following this trend.

Reason One: Your time is not going to waste

It’s likely you’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort creating a really great website. To make sure this has not gone to waste make sure your site is mobile responsive so your users can access it no matter what device they are using. Through doing this your site layout will adapt to the screen size of the mobile and customers will not miss out on your great new web design that your team worked very hard on!

Reason Two: Keeping your users happy

Often with non-mobile friendly sites users have the pain of zooming and squinting when navigating using a smartphone or tablet. This clearly isn’t the best way to engage your audience with your content and means customers are less likely to stay on your site, increasing your bounce rate. To avoid this, having a mobile responsive site is a brilliant way of keeping your customers engaged when using their mobile devices. This allows customers to access to all your information wherever they are which is great as it can increase sales, interactivity and customer engagement!

Reason Three: Google rankings

Mobile optimisation has become increasingly important as it can now impact your Google rankings as Google will now award higher rankings in search results to those with mobile optimised websites than those that do not. This then makes any SEO strategies you may have implemented on our site ineffective as without being mobile optimised your site will still rank low on Google. This in turn could mean you do not reach your target audience, damaging your business. Instead, to increase your rankings and improve your SEO strategies, mobile optimisation is key.

Overall, mobile optimisation is a brilliant way to modernise your site. It means your great website design can be viewed across all platforms which is not only great news for your user but also maintains your brand image as modern and effective! One of the most important reasons to be mobile optimised is how it will improve your Google rankings and this is undeniably important in today’s competitive market. In general, being totally user friendly helps both you and your customer, so everybody wins!

If you have any questions about making your website mobile optimisation or have any website enquiries, contact us today or come to one of our upcoming free workshops to see how we can help you!  

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