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Reasons to consider sending an E-Newsletter

Are You thinking about sending an E-Newsletter...?

I know. You’re probably already swamped with things to do and the last thing you need is something else to add to your plate! But if done well, an email newsletter can be a huge asset to your business, not only maintaining relationships and keeping your message in front of your existing customers but also helping to attract new customers.

Maintain Relationships

Maintaining relationships is understandably a priority for most smaller business owners and even larger companies. It’s all about keeping you in the forefront of their minds. Just imagine if a competitor sends someone you know an email and they go off and do business with them, how annoying!
This can often happen if you are not keeping the people you know up-to-date with what’s going on in your business world.

How much and who do I send to?

Segmenting your email list is of course the best way to really get a targeted message to specific people on your database, but sometimes that’s not possible with the time constraints on busy business owners; don’t worry too much! It’s much better to be talking to your people, even if it’s a general email, rather than saying nothing.

Pick 4 subjects and see if you can target each one to the different audiences. Give something to everyone; some will just be interested in what you are doing as a business, some will want to see what this month’s offer is, some will want hear something about your industry (remember you are the expert!),and some people might want to see who you’re currently working with or even what sort of reviews and testimonial you are getting.

Having your clients talking about you is far better than an ‘in your face’ advert. Have you done something recently for a charity? Most people love to hear this sort of news.

See some ideas here:

  • Business achievements
  • Offers of the month or the season (Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
  • An article that can be useful to your readers
  • A service or product that can be cross-sold or up-sold
  • Client testimonials and reviews
  • Highlight charities that you are involved in or ones you are donating to
  • Up and coming events that you are involved in, maybe you are exhibiting somewhere
  • Can you offer any free information or tips from your industry?
  • Include all of your social media links and encourage people to connect with you.

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Links

Your email newsletter should most definitely include links back to your website; including these links helps drive recipients back to your website, which in turn helps improve your search engine presence. Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves making your website visible on Google and when Google sees you are receiving increased traffic the algorithms will be taking notice and will start to prioritise your website over your competitors’ who are doing less than you.

Start now to reconnect with your customers…

It’s time to start connecting with your customers again. Christmas is just round the corner!

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