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Promoting Your Business at Christmas

Promoting your business at Christmas doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds, especially if you’re selling products. A festive update to your website and some Christmas themed social media posts can draw in potential customers who are searching for the perfect present. Having a strong social media presence is really important in digital marketing and that shouldn’t be forgotten during the Christmas season. With online shopping becoming rapidly more popular it is inevitable that your potential customers will be online so make sure they see your Christmas promotion when they’re looking for that perfect present. Including gift wrapping options and seasonal exclusives is a great way of going the extra mile too.

If you’re offering a service however, things can become a little trickier. Services are much less likely to be gifted than products. ‘Experience Days’ are in increasing demand though, so adopting that kind of format can allow your service to be gifted. For example, a one hour photo shoot or a round of golf. Or, if you’d prefer its simplicity, gift cards are applicable to almost anything.

Also, exclusively Christmassy promotions won’t go amiss and giving presents to existing customers is a brilliant way to ensure brand loyalty by showing them that they are a valued customer. This can also become a brilliant opportunity to increase brand awareness. Try including a card or message that asks your customer or client to post a selfie with their gift, and tag your business in the post. You can add intrigue to this by offering the chance to win a festive prize for those that participate.

So, be sure not to miss this opportunity to engage with your customers and promote your business before the Christmas break. 

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