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Can Facebook Really Help Build Businesses?

Facebook has recently become a large element of digital marketing and social presence. The future, however, indicates clearly to us that the potential for advertising through this marketing channel is set to increase dramatically.

Already a 400 billion dollar company that earned 21 billion dollars in ad revenue last year, what is it that makes marketing with Facebook so powerful? We look at just why this titan of the digital world is quite so valuable to marketers.


Its reach is unparalleled

At its most basic, the appeal of Facebook is its reach. While most other platforms come and go, with the younger generation opting for other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, the sheer number of Facebook users and the varied demographics that access it every day guarantees its potential value for marketers.

Although some herald the end of days for Facebook on a regular basis, the numbers don’t lie: It’s growing every year. Social giant Twitter boasts 317 million users per month; this pales in comparison to the 1.94 billion on Facebook. Almost a quarter of the world’s population have accounts!

As mobile search continues to dominate and grow in relevance, Facebook’s presence remains with 1.15 billion daily users reported in December 2016.

With these statistics showing an 18% increase in activity compared to the year prior, it’s clear that Facebook is here to stay.

Communication is simple and effective

Unique to social platforms like Facebook is the ease with which content can be shared. Some viewers find company websites to be impersonal; Facebook is the opposite. With normal and sponsored content both appearing within the intimately familiar Facebook interface, viewers of content feel comfortable engaging.

The engagement also easily propagates. With likes, comments and shares appearing in the main and side news feeds of the friends of users, spreading brand awareness is a simple and powerful aspect of advertising and marketing using the platform.

Customer service and engagement is a breeze for the same reasons, with many companies now placing great importance on Facebook for their customer service teams. Dialogue is easy to establish and can be an effective method for improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

This ease of communication lends itself to a further, critical aspect of marketing: insight. Through being able to interact so smoothly with customers both current and prospective, further marketing campaigns and activities can be informed by polling your Facebook audience.

Advertising is targeted and customisable

Of particular benefit to small businesses and those working to strict budgets is Facebook’s advertising suite. This offers a bespoke set of advertising options that are designed to work with small start-ups and corporate giants alike.

Facebook have done an excellent job of making their reach relevant to marketers by offering the largest targeted advertising machine in human history. Advertisers can sponsor links and content into no less than five diffe

rent sections of the Facebook page, including an option to target mobile users.

Able to choose an exact demographic, time of advertising and location on the site (and more!), marketers are placed in full control of their campaigns. This capability for such accurate advertising is supported by a comprehensive analytics suite that gives detailed feedback on the success of your work.

It is the combination of the size of its userbase and the sophistication of its advertising options that creates such a unique powerhouse for marketers and business owners. The uncanny amount of knowledge Facebook holds on every individual user, and the ability to filter on these data points allows for unprecedented efficiency in any ad campaign.


The more diverse the tools, the greater the understanding and experience required to make the most of them!

We at Digital House are proud to be experts in digital marketing and can offer social media management on all platforms, so do keep in mind - Facebook should be a consideration for lead generation and attracting new customers. If you would like to find out more about what we can offer, see our range od services here: 


Using Facebook to build your business


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