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Social Media design & Management

"Connect with new markets, build customer relations and enhance your brand"

We’re refreshingly honest and our customers stay with us because they want to – we have no tie-in clauses.

Your business on social media

Business over social media has vastly grown in recent years, making it more important than ever to increase your online presence and portray your business in the right way.

We provide excellent support for your business through social media, posting through both your own and our social networking accounts, successfully reaching out to your existing customers and new ones.

Whether you want to create more brand awareness, build communities or generate sales we can help you.

What we do...

Social Media channels

We use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, Instagram.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Finding out what you want to achieve.
Finding who your target audience is and where they are.

Un-Sponsored Advertising

Remarketing to your current audience.
Advertising in groups where your target audience are.

Paid Advertising (Paid marketing)

Image sponsored adverts.
Video sponsored adverts.
Audience building.

Design and development

We will design you several appealing adverts for your campaign.
We test different adverts for each of your audiences.

Community management

Status updating.
Creating posts around trending topics.
Creating posts for occasions (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day etc.).

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