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Importance of SSL Certificates on Websites

Importance of SSL Certificates on Websites

Back In July 2018, Google announced that they will no longer be supporting websites that do not have an SSL Certificate on their site. This means that users will now be notified that a website does not have an SSL Certificate and that the site is not secure. Sites without a Certificate will have ‘Not Secure’ displayed in the URL, notifying visitors that your website is, indeed, not secure.

The absence of an SSL Certificate will result in your website SEO being adversely affected, as well as its visibility in search results. Furthermore, data security will also be affected.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a way that users can identify whether or not a website is secure. Websites with SSL Certificates will display a small padlock at the left side of the URL bar and will also have an ‘HTTPS://’ protocol before the website URL. The ‘S’ means that the website is ‘Secure’. Website without an SSL Certificate will not have these markers.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an internet protocol that will encrypt the connection between the user (browser) and the web server (the web page) with a 256-bit AES Key that is almost impossible to breach and access secure data.


Why is an SSL Certificate important?

SSL Certificates are very important because without them your sensitive data could very well be at risk. Without an SSL Certificate, skilled hackers could access any data that is input or stored on your website. This means that user information like credit card numbers and login details can be accessed and used for malicious purposes such as credit card fraud.

As well as this, your websites ranking and visibility on Google will also be affected. Google will now flag a non-secure website with ‘Not Secure’ and users will be able to see that notification and will likely leave the website as they now know that their data and information is not appropriately protected by a security protocol.

SSL Certificates are also, now, part of Google's ranking system and they will rank a non-secure page lower than a secure page just because it does not have an SSL Certificate. Pages lacking an SSL Certificate may also be punished for breaching the GDPR which implies that all websites that transmit or store personal user data must encrypt their connections with an SSL Certificate.


To sum up

SSL Certificates are required to ensure that your user’s data is safe and secure from attacks as well as making sure that your website is appropriately ranked by Google and does not lose visibility online.

If you’re in need of an SSL Certificate and you would like a hand, call us today on 0118 981 3046 or contact us here.


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